Qlikview is a Business Intelligence tool that provides various methods to analyse data and present information in a professional and easy to use format. eEnablement have produced Qlikview documents for the purpose of providing expansive information relating to all aspects of NWSSP Procurement Services.

An example of how Qlikview can function for NWSSPPS can be seen in the following image:

Qv chart

By compiling all relevant Procurement data, up to date information can be presented in charts and tables without the need to manually generate reports.

Full and up to date information about Qlikview can be found direct on the Qlikview website by clicking on the below image:

Qlikview url

Qlikview Document Access
The Qlikview documents can be accessed through the following link:
Qlikview Document AccessPoint

If the link requests user log in, please enter your standard Nadex ID and password and you will be automatically granted access to the documents. If an ActiveX plugin appears, it should be run to complete this process.

KPI_NWSSPPS_R12 contains comprehensive information on strategic and operational measures linked to Procurement Services functions and business objectives including:

  • Front Line Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Sourcing
  • Capital
  • Staffing

MAIN_NWSSPPS_R12 is an external document (created by Patech) that contains a standard suite of reports for Purchase to Pay (P2P).

QlikView Help Guide contains useful information for navigating the documents and making selections to view information

Please note that the MAIN_NWSSPPS document is currently inaccessible and contains information related to R11 data.

Process and Procedures
The Qlikview documents currently have three types of access levels available:

  • Level 1 allows access to all document tabs with no restrictions
  • Level 2 allows access to all document tabs with some restrictions applicable to specified tabs
  • Level 3 allows access to all document tabs with further restrictions applied to tabs

User access can be requested by sending an email to the Data & Reporting team using the email address in the Contact Details.

We require the following information to process any user set ups:
  • The Nadex ID of the users requiring access
  • Email address, role and org of users
  • Which documents are required (KPI, MAIN or both)
  • The level of access required
  • Whether training is required from eEnablement
  • Timescale for completion (minimum of five days)

eEnablement have previously provided multiple training sessions for users to provide an understanding into the NWSSPPS documents and basic navigation and use of Qlikview. Current facilities are limited which impacts the number of users able to receive training at any one time.

Training sessions are now incorporated into the Service Support team training package. Any requests for training should be sent to the following email address:

Development Requests
The Data & Reporting Team are constantly searching for ways to improve the quality and content of the Qlikview documents. If there are any areas within the Qlikview documents that you feel can be improved, we fully welcome any development suggestions.

To make a suggestion, send an email to the Data & Reporting Team's email with your development suggestion. All suggestions are picked up by a member of the team and added to an internal development log where the suggestion will be reviewed and potentially implemented. Please note that development requests may need the endorsement of the NWSSPPS BI Group before implementation.

At present the Purchase Order and Invoice data model is not fully mature, potentially resulting in some required fields not being currently available within Qlikview. Any field or join requests will require approval from the NWSSPPS BI Group.

All development and field requests will be put forward in line with the Patch Release Cycle, which is viewable through the following document:

Qlikview Flow Chart and Patch Release Cycle

Contact Details
Any queries or issues related to Qlikview, or user set up requests can be sent to the Data & Reporting team at:
NWSSP_Procurement_Data&Reporting@wales.nhs.uk where it will be picked up by a member of the team.

Requests for training should be sent to the Service Support team at:

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Useful Links
Qlikview Documents
Qlikview User Guide
Qlikview Website

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