Customer Surveys

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Customer Survey Results 2015-16

We are committed to providing all our Customers with a professional and quality service both now and in the future.

Our customer surveys allow us to assess how well we are performing and to address any areas that you believe need to improve and we are grateful for the responses that you have provided. The following provides an overview of the results achieved.

The Good News (where we exceed our target of 80%)

· 97% of you feel you are treated fairly as a valued customer

· 96% of you believe our staff are helpful & courteous

· 92% of you believe Procurement Services are a professional quality organisation

· 92% believe Procurement Services staff demonstrate knowledge & expertise in their area


Last years surveys also highlighted the need for improvement in some areas, it is therefore pleasing to note an improvement in satisfaction in the following areas -

· In 2014 only 65% felt you were kept informed and up-to-date on issues encountered with your orders, this has increased to 79%and work will continue to improve this further.

· In 2014 only 76% of were happy with the timescales for turning requisitions into orders, it is pleasing to see that this has increased to 86%

We will be looking at these areas that fall short of our targets and seeking further clarity on some of your observations to ensure we continue to provide a first-class service.

The Not so Good

The website continues to be an issue for many of our Customers and the project to improve this is currently ongoing, with the aim to launch the new website later in the year.

Compliments received

We are always delighted to receive good feedback from our Customers, below are a just few examples:

Richard Lee, Assistant Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner (on behalf of EASC): "I cannot emphasise enough how fantastic the help and support and expertise of the Commissioning team was during this process to facilitate the tender process with such good governance in such a challenging timeframe." This compliment was echoed by other senior members of the EASC team. (January 2016)