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System Training is delivered by the eEnablement team for end users of the Oracle iProcurement (iProc) system.

The training session covers how to create and manage Purchase Requisitions as well as how to acknowledge Receipt on the system goods or services received. Requisition approval training is also available to those end users responsible for approving expenditure for the purchase of goods or services.

Currently iProcurement training is delivered in a class-room based environment in groups of between six to ten people (depending on the size of the room available) with each trainee being able to access a desktop computer to be able to undertake practical exercises during the training session.

We are currently developing an additional method of training to complement the existing training. This will be in the form of digital learning 'video' technology, giving the user access from their desk using their PC. The user will be able to view the video and follow the module chapters which take them through each of the steps of the process of Requisitioning, Approval and Receipting.

Oracle iProcurement Training Dates and Times

Each training session held is 2.5 hours in length.

Please download the latest training dates here:

TRAINING DATES AND BOOKING FORM - Click here to view available dates and submit to request training

The Team

Matthew Jones (Training Development Lead)

Tracey Sullivan (Training Officer)

Diane Perkins (eEnablement Support Assistant)

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