eEnablement - Improvement/e-Trading


The Service Improvement team has been established bringing together the 'Developments' and 'COM & Business Improvements' team as it became clear that the 2 areas interlinked on almost all projects.

The newly established Service Improvement team will be working closely with Groups such as PIT (Process Improvement Team) and OPTEC (Operational & Technical Support Group) to identify areas for improvement, especially if part of the COM (common operating model) and then support any project materializing from this, including the development of the system(s) where required

The overall vision for Service Improvement and eEnablement is to standardize working practises within the P2P process and identify areas that require development to achieve a World class Procurement department

- eTrading (adopting supplier for Welsh Health Boards to send Invoices electronically)
- IOH (Invoice on Hold) Project
- Implementing the COM

We have taken the time to realese a short summary of frequently asked questions.The can be accessed by clicking here.

The Team
Rick Searing (Future Developments)
Glenda Branken (Developments e-Trading)
Alison Griffiths (Developments)
Matthew Jones (Developments Assistant)