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Lee Warman(Author)


The Service Support Team has now been Replaced with the Procurement Service desk

"Delivering a robust and streamlined, Pro-Active approach to identify route cause configuration issue(s) through satisfactorily resolution.
Create best practice oracle related training, where a consistent approach to all Health Boards is delivered alongside utilising existing and innovative e-learning tools

The long term vision for the Service Support Team is to provide a single point of contact to be able to request support combined with a common support model to users of Oracle related Procurement modules across NHS Wales.
Through the effective and efficient use of call management software incidents and service requests received will be able to be managed and allocated to the relevant team for resolution seamlessly allowing for a more effective service to be provided.

- Delivering 1st line Service Support functions for 4/9 Health Boards, each of the Health Boards either had local Procurement System Teams and or NHS Wales System Teams.
- Delivering a Single Point of contact for 6/9 health boards via Action Point.
- Customer Satisfaction Score of over 95%.

The Team
Aditya Mahindra - eEnablement Support Assistant
Joe fairweather - eEnablement Support Assistant

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