Supply to Procurement Services


Broadly, the approach to contract negotiations is the same across the commodities we deal with. The majority of contracts we negotiate are valued in excess of £90,319 and are therefore subject to current EU procurement regulations which require that we advertise the forthcoming contracts in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Every year we publish a "Prior Indicative Notice". This is an advance notice of procurement activity that we know we will undertake in the coming year. This notice will appear on many websites including:-

Tenders electronic daily – the on line version of the Official Journal of the European Union.

Provide a gateway service through the Internet.

Provide a gateway service through the Internet. Do provide some brief free information.

Contract Planning starts in advance of the procurement process with research into the commodity market and discussion with key stakeholders. Trusts are engaged in this process and work commences on the evaluation criteria to be used in the process and the approach to the tendering and evaluation procedure.

Contracts that are above the EU threshold are advertised through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) under the restricted procedure. (It is possible that, on occasions, we may use the open procedure, accelerated procedure or competitive dialogue route).

Using the restricted procedure means we can apply criteria to the selection of those suppliers we invite to tender. Criteria for selection must be consistent and to aide the process we may include a "Pre-Qualification Questionnaire" (PQQ).

The PQQ will be unique to the commodity being re-negotiated and will set out the expectations required of the companies wishing to bid for business. Companies who cannot adequately respond to the PQQ will not be invited to tender.

The companies who are invited to tender will be asked to submit bids electronically which requires suppliers to have a access to a PC with an internet connection. Tenders are available on the system for a specified period of time and must be submitted by the closing time and date.

The tender pack will include a range of information including:-

  • Invitation to offer
  • Standard terms and conditions
  • Special terms and conditions (if relevant)
  • Specification of goods (or services)
  • Pricing schedule, including detail of volumes required
  • Delivery information
  • Information on the criteria to be applied to the evaluation of the tender including the scores and weightings

The evaluation criteria will include an assessment of quality and this is approached in a number of different ways. Quality assessment of product is undertaken on our behalf by a number of partner organisations including:-

  • The Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory (SMTL) – who test and evaluation medical and surgical dressings and stockings on our behalf
  • St. Marys – who evaluate pharmaceutical products on our behalf.
  • Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association (CCFRA) – who conduct organoleptic assessments of a range of rood lines on our behalf.
  • Hybu Cyg Cymru (HCC)/Materials and Livestock Commission (MLC) – who undertake QA and QC of our fresh meat control

In some areas, particularly for medical products, user acceptance testing will also be undertaken by the Trusts.

The quality scores along with other scores including price are analysed to provide an overall ‘best offer’ rating.

The outcome of this analysis is summarised and issued to the Trust for ratification.

Suppliers are then advised of the outcome and provided an opportunity for a debrief on the process.

A formal ‘contract award notice’ is published to OJEU once the contract has been let.

For further information you can contact us directly at , or call 02920 903700 and speak to one of our team.