Master Indemnity Agreement

Update on NHS Wales Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA)

The NHS Wales MIA is no longer available in its current form. Owing to the fact that the Department of Health has revised their approach on how they deal with MIA’s in England, the systems in place have now become divergent resulting in the Welsh system becoming redundant. We are in discussion with DoH on any options available to utilise what they do have in place although difficulty arises due to the differing jurisdiction issues in terms of both countries Health Services (i.e. DoH for England and Welsh Government for Wales).

As an interim we are advising any NHS Wales organisations to put in place local MIA agreement as and when required. The existing forms can still be used.

We will update if any developments via this website. Thank you.

TitleLast UpdatedSizeType
Guidance Notes September 201413/10/2014 (43k)
Form A June 201310/07/2013 (62k)
Form B - June 201310/07/2013 (39k)
Delivery Note May 201120/05/2011 (9k)