New NHS Wales Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA) – Update

Update on NHS Wales Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA)

NHS Wales Procurement Service has recently been in positive dialogue with Department of Health around implementing a separate but complimentary Master Indemnity Agreement arrangement within NHS Wales. This new MIA will eventually replace the former system which became redundant after DOH had undertaken a major review of their approach (up until that point the 2 systems had been almost exactly the same in terms of approach, documentation and suppliers). This had the net effect of making the NHS Wales MIA outdated and defunct.

NHS Wales Procurement Service is in the process of getting all the MIA providers currently on the DoH list onto the new NHS Wales register. This is a significant undertaking requiring circa 700 suppliers to enact a new set of documentation.

Once this has progressed to a more advanced stage, we will be publishing the new documentation set, associated Guidance Notes, register of suppliers on the MIA alongside contact details for enquiries.

Whilst we’re working on getting the new arrangements in place any Health Board or Trust who requires a local MIA should continue to use the existing forms below until advised differently

We will update of any developments via this website. Thank you.

Any queries contact Julia Goddard in the first instance:

TitleLast UpdatedSizeType
Guidance Notes September 201413/10/2014 (43k)
Form A June 201310/07/2013 (62k)
Form B - June 201310/07/2013 (39k)
Delivery Note May 201120/05/2011 (9k)