Master Indemnity Agreement

Following discussions with the Department of Health who have responsibility for the Master Indemnity in England, Procurement Services have agreed arrangements for reinstating the Welsh Master Indemnity agreement.

The Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA) is intended as an umbrella agreement to encompass the requirements of Health organisations in respect of thefollowing:

(i) Equipment on Loan for Trial or Testing (Form A)

(ii) Equipment on Loan (Not for Trial or Testing) (Form B)

The MIA is intended for signature by suppliers who deal regularly with the NHS, and who do not wish to have to sign at a senior level the `A' or `B' form every time they provide equipment to the NHS.

For insurance renewal dates please see:

TitleLast UpdatedSizeType
Supplier_Register 6 January 201703/02/2017 (80k)
Guidance Notes September 201413/10/2014 (43k)
Form A June 201310/07/2013 (62k)
Form B - June 201310/07/2013 (39k)
Delivery Note May 201120/05/2011 (9k)