Sustainable Risk Assessment Support

It is a requirement of NHS Wales Procurement Policy and of Health Organisations Standing Financial InstructionsGreen Dragon SRA for a sustainable risk assessment (SRA) to be carried out on all contracts with a value in excess of £25K. The SRA will identify those opportunities in the supply chain to address environmental, social and economic impacts as a consequence of the services and goods delivered to NHS Wales. We will use the outputs from the SRA to support and stimulate innovation that provides sustainable solutions and reduces the consumption of resources by working with and encouraging our supply chain.

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Sustainability Opportunities Assessment

This document will support procurement staff to consider broader sustainability aspects within their contract planning process.

Technical Questions - Sustainability

Here is an example of a confidence based scoring methodology for assessing the sustainability of a supplier’s tender submission. This example is food specific but could be adapted to meet your product or category.

The Welsh Assembly Government has issued two Sustainable Risk Assessment templates, one for the provision of

Goods, and another for the provision of Services. Both are available from this link:

Sustainable Risk Assessments for Goods & Services

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