Priority Supplier Programme

NHS Wales is embarking on an innovative early payment programme for its suppliers, which will create an additional income stream for the Health Boards and Trusts across Wales to reinvest in essential services.

Through the implementation of new payment technology and more effective processes, the programme will offer suppliers early settlement of their invoices in exchange for a discount directly proportional to how quickly the payment is made.

The programme is designed to be a win-win for both NHS Wales and its suppliers. It crucially allows us to develop better relationships with suppliers and vastly improved efficiency across our purchase to pay processes.

Key benefits for our suppliers include:

  • Improved cashflow through the early payment of invoices
  • Prioritised invoice processing and dedicated query resolution
  • Reduced cost of collection and associated financial risk
  • Reduced payment volatility
  • Closer collaboration and improved working relationships
  • Enhanced client satisfaction and additional visibility across NHS Wales

NHS Wales is supported in the Priority Supplier Programme by Oxygen Finance (

Oxygen is a leading technology and professional services provider that enables organisations to unlock value within their supply chain through paying suppliers ahead of contracted terms. The Oxygen solution is voluntary for suppliers and boosts their cash flow and, therefore, the local economy. Our clients enjoy more engaged supplier relationships, a significant new source of revenue and purchase-to-pay (P2P) efficiencies.

You may receive communication from regarding the programme.

Should you want any more information regarding the scheme, please contact, or visit the Priority Supplier Programme Microsite at the link below.



for more information please contact


Upon tender award, it is required to report on the participation status of tendered suppliers. Please input supplier information to the following web form:

If you have any questions, regarding sourcing or the Priority Supplier Programme as a whole, then please get in touch with the team at