Tender opportunities

Tendering with Procurement Services

Procurement Services utilises an e-business application for its tendering activity. This is a hosted service through Bravo Solution and is used in all instances when tendering with Procurement Services. The service is fully secure and audited and has a dedicated help desk facility for suppliers in the event of queries

The following is a link to the SSPS e-tendering service:

New opportunities

To view Procurement Services tenders you will need to register with the site, and provide brief contact details for yourself and organisation. Once registered you will gain access to express interest and participate in tenders.
We also encourage you to register your organisation with Sid4Health and Sell2Wales as these are the sources of the data used to evaluate suppliers for tender inclusion through the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) process. Sell2Wales will also send out alerts for opportunities in the commodity areas that you have expressed an interest in.

From the homepage you can also view opportunity listings, which provides details of tenders that will be taking place in the upcoming months.

Data published via Bravo Solutions is picked up and published to Sell2Wales ensuring that suppliers registered through this medium are notified of fothcoming contracts.

Further Resources for EU based procurements for Suppliers

There are a number of other resources and points of information for public sector tenders which are over the EU Procurement Threshold. The following are some additional reference points:

Tenders Electronic Daily [TED]


This is a selection of companies who can provide access to the Supplement of the Official Journal of the European Communities. There may be other companies who can provide similar services.

Business Information Publications Ltd
300 Glasgow Road
Glasgow G73 1SQ
Tel. (44-141) 332 82 47
Fax (44-141) 331 26 52
E-mail: bip@bipcontracts.com
URL: www.bipcontracts.com

Off-line agents for CD-ROM, diskettes, paper publications e.g. Contrax Weekly, Government Opportunities (GO), BIP supply an Internet version called EC Tenders. Document delivery agents.

Context Electronic Publishers Ltd
Grand Union House
20 Kentish Town Road
London NW1 9NR
Tel. (44-207) 267 89 89
Fax (44-207) 267 11 33
E-mail: davidr@context.co.uk
URL: www.tenders.co.uk

Provide a gateway service through the Internet/

Palace House
3 Cathedral Square
Tel. (44-20) 7940 6900
Fax (44 20) 7940 6800
E-mail: contact@dialog.com
URL: www.dialog.com

TED is one of the files available on Datastar which is available both through the Internet and as a direct dial in service.

The Stationery Office Ltd
PO Box 29
Norwich NR3 1GN
Tel. (44) 870 60 05-522
Fax (44) 870 60 05-533
E-mail: subscriptions@theso.co.uk
URL: www.tso.co.uk

BIP public sector contract publications are available through the Stationery Office Bookstore as is the CD-ROM version.

Tenders Direct
4 Albert Street
AB25 1XQ
Tel (44) 224 636999
Fax (44) 224 636997
E-mail: info@tendersdirect.co.uk
URL: www.tendersdirect.co.uk

Provide a gateway service through the Internet. Do provide some brief free information.

This information is intended for reference purpose only. This is not an endorsement of any of the organisations. There may be other organisations who can provide a similar service. Procurement Services does not accept responsibility for the content of any external websites.