Terms & Conditions

Procurement Services negotiate a broad scope of contracts for the supply of a whole range of items, and have several sets of Terms and Conditions to service the various contracts.

Terms and Condidtions for Lease of Goods

Deadline for lodging appeals

Guidance Notes - Supply of Goods

Guidance Notes - Services

TitleLast UpdatedSizeType
NHS_Wales_Conditions_of_Contract_for_Maintenance_V2_0_February_201208/07/2015 (257k)
Supply of Consultancy V2 May 200526/03/2013 (289k)
Supply and Installation of Equipment February 201215/02/2012 (279k)
Supply of Services February 201215/02/2012 (279k)
Purchase of Goods Feb 201215/02/2012 (209k)